Frequently Asked Questions
What kind of materials have you worked with?
Ive made parts out of just about everything. Materials such as steel, aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, stainless steel, tool steel, plastics, ceramics, composites, titanium, molybdenum, monel, rubber and much more. Ive worked with flats, rounds, tubing and sheets.
What kind of services do you provide?
I provide many types of machining services. I can turn, mill, and precision flat grind parts. I have a welding dept. that can weld steel and aluminum. I also have contacts for such things as water jetting, laser cutting, EDM and sheet metal work.
What kind of parts do you make?
Just about anything. Ive done parts as small as a flat washer all the way to complete machine builds where the customer loads their programs into the machine and runs off test product here at our facility. I also do design work for specific customer requirements as needed.
How long have you been in business?
I started my business in 1993 in the basement of an old mill building complex. In 1998, I moved to my current location.
How new are your machines?
Some of my machines Ive had since I started my business and others have been purchased and upgraded recently. My newest machine purchase was in 2017, a 3 axis bed mill.
What CNC capabilities do you have?
I have a CNC machining center (Hurco VM10), two ProtoTrak Bed Mills, and a ProtoTrak Lathe.
What size work can you handle?
One of my ProtoTrak Bed Mills has a 60 X-axis capability. My ProtoTrak Lathe can handle 18 dia x 40. My manual lathe can handle 15 x 54. My Bridgeport milling machines both have 48 tables.
Do you paint?
No, but I do have vendors that can paint and powder coat.
What other types of outside processes do you use?
I send out parts for: Heat Treat, Black Oxide, Anodizing, Poly Ond coating, Chrome Plating, Nickel Plating and others as required.
Do you sell your own products?
No, all of the work I do is designed by or with my customers input.
Do you do electrical work?
I have a subcontractor that does all of my wiring when it comes to machine builds.
How big is your shop?
I currently occupy about 2800 sq ft of my building which is about 5000 sq ft.
How many employees do you have?
None, when I need more capacity I have other machine shops that help out.
Are you ISO certified?
Are you Rohs compliant?
Im not required to be but my larger vendors are.
What are your terms?
On receivables, I give a 1% discount if I receive payments within 10 days. Net 30 is standard.
How long have you been a machinist?
Since 1982.
Are you a veteran owned business?
Yes, I served 4 years in the USAF, honorably discharged in 1986. Thats where I learned the basics of machining.
Do you have a loading dock?
I have a fork lift with a ground floor loading area, no loading dock.
Do you do broaching?
I can on small keyways, up to 3/8.
Do you do large production runs?
I prefer not to, I can do small production runs but limit piece quantity to under 500.

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